IKEA Kitchen Part 1 METOD Base and Wall cabinets assembly

How to assemble IKEA kitchen. IKEA Kitchen Part 1 METOD Base and Wall cabinets assembly in part one I will show you how to assemble IKEA METOD Base and Wall cabinets in detail. It will be 5-6parts in this Ikea kitchen installation where I show you all from building Ikea METOD units all interiors installations including drawers, sliders, appliances build in oven, microwave, hob build in the Ikea kitchen top with sink plus IKEA kitchen top cutting and finally attaching all IKEA Kitchen METOD Base and Wall cabinets on the wall.

***Tools I'm using***
Small electric screwdriver

Bigger drill and screwdriver all in one

For more tools for furniture assembly or general DIY adventures.

Check out:
Part: 1
Part: 2
Part: 3
Part: 5

Here is my stuff :
Flat Pack Furniture Assembly London


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11 комментариев
you're doing a public service with this video-series! Hat's off to You Sir, thanks so much!
wow what a great video -helped so much!
This, all five, is an excellent well set out series. Many thanks.
Quick tip. Those small 20cm cabinets - put the (maximera) draw rails in before putting the cabinet together. There isn't enough space to work in once it is assembled. Speaking from experience : )
Thank you SO very much! The problem w IKEA once u do something wrong it's impossible to go back. If you can also show how to undo IKEA furniture if smith id incorrectly installed... :(
Piotrek Jazz
Thanks very much man :)
Fag Lips
Can you make a video assembling and un-assembling the IKEA lonset frame.
Tomasz Złamaniec
Wouldn't it be easier to install cabinet legs before drawers and oven?
barb bird
Having watched numerous 'how clever am I ?' videos on assembling Ikea kitchens, this series is really great, at one stage you're actually in the cupboard with him seeing where and how he is fitting all the 'gubbins' needed. I'm thinking of turning professional now ;-))
Svilen Konac
What is that small base cabinet ? Can't be found on their website Ikea USA or Canada. Doesn't look like a Sektion system.
Oscar Saravia
IKEA the worst of the worst,

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