IKEA METOD Cabinets wall mounting

How to mount IKEA METOD wall cabinets to the wall. We have two IKEA METOD cabinets horizontal measurements 80cm-40cm with doors opening up with soft closing. The price of one unit with the door in the UK £69. IKEA METOD is kitchen range but in this case we use them as part of a small office. I will show you in this video how to fix IKEA METOD units on the plasterboard wall using suspension rail

***Tools I'm using UK***

Small electric screwdriver

Bigger drill and screwdriver all in one

For more tools for furniture assembly or general DIY adventures.**UK**


Small electric screwdriver

Small BOSCH electric screwdriver

Small electric screwdriver popular one

Bigger drill combine with screwdriver

More tools and video stuff** USA** store

Here is my stuff :
Flat Pack Furniture Assembly London


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Journal of traits
This is an awesome video, thank you for taking the time to film this. I was so confused how to fit the rail until I saw this, massive thumbs up
None of Your M B
Thank you for your video it sure helped
Art Bess
great but you forgot to tight cabinets together with screws to remove the gap
Alan Greenwood
I was struggling to work out how the suspension rail system worked. IKEAs instruction are very poor on this - yours are excellent. Ikea should employ you.
Sean White
Good explanation. I was confused if the top of rail is level with the top of the cabinet.
The Ikea instruction manuals are awful, but this is an excellent video that has saved me one hell of a lot of extreme head scratching. Thank you my friend.
Ali Simmons
Thank you so much. Great video - we were seriously struggling with the IKEA paper version
So Lite
Great video thanks! I need to fix Besta units to the wall. Is it the same technique as this? Cheers
Sander Crumpton
so helpful....after watching a number of videos...this video best explained the suspension rail concept and how it works....
Lionel Vienne
Merci sans ce tuto j'aurais mis beaucoup plus de temps et certainement fais des bêtises car ikea c'est pas les rois en termes d 'explications du dessin peut-être heureusement qu'il y a des gens qui donne des cours montage merci
Jim Turner
Thanks you saved me some time working it out .
PoziomChampionsLeague Only
Thx for this Video
Narelle Robinson
Excellent video many thanks!
Amarjit Lotay
Excellent video - thank you!
Vivek Narasimham
very useful.....thank you very much .....
PP FlatPack
Thank you for watching:)
Great video. Thanks so much for doing this, it answered all my questions! :)
Ang Keong
Hi what kind of wall plug are u using?
Dave Simpson
"so the brackets are hidden" but they're not...
Tarquin Kloeden
Notice it wasn't anchored to a stud. Can the plasterboard hold this
Paul Coats
Nice video...thanks :-)
Thomas N
thanks for this video i gonna install my kitchen in this week soi just now preparied that rail and before i se this video i vas close to mount it upside down
Thrifty Tones
Great video. Really worth watching for anyone before using the (rather excellent) rail system. I like the system as it enables me to install big, heavy cabinets on my own.
Tony G. Martin
Very very good demonstration
edgar david
how heavy this metod cabinet can hold? I plan to make it as my floating tv cabinet
Mike C
Great tutorial. Thanks
very nice and thx a lot
Good video. Cheers
Jaime Davila
how high should I hang the cabinets from the floor ????it is a standard
high ???
Luis Madriz
Thanks! what's that tool you used to tighten the anchors on the wall? Thanks again.
Nathalie G
What length screw and what diameter do you use to srcew into concrete/masonary walls ? Just brought this unit for my living room
Good video. Cheers
Can I buy the rail at an IKEA store?
nezha yasmine
Je veux montage coiffeuse homnes de ikai
14,2 Mio. Aufrufe
Sura Sulaimani
Hi guys can anyone let me what u call that tools which he pull out half screw pls thx?
How I made
what do you do with the gap on the sides? its not flushed on the wall.
Heloise O'Byrne
good point about measuring rather than levelling but if this is in a kitchen your things might wobble. im really worried to check the level of our ceiling now. meep! also great tip about the washer when the head is too small!
Vinod Singh
Will that hang for years??
Dinh Le
Thanks mate
Vv V
What do you do to fill the gap at the bottom and sides of the wall as the cabinet is not flushed to the wall. I am close to frustration to build the IKEA corner cabinet and a cabinet adjacent to it. Any help anyone could offer me is greatly appreciated.
My compliments . Finally a video that clarifies the assembly of the rail .Ikea explains very badly how to use the rail. The rectangular washer that comes with it is useful for adjusting the level, but it scared me, because the head of the screw can come out of their rectangular washer (in case of seismic shocks or pushing the cabinet upwards). I also wanted to use circular washers. When I saw your video I realized that I was not wrong. Thank you .
ruhulla md

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