IKEA KITCHEN part 3 METOD CABINETS WALL MOUNTING including detail wall fixing of IKEA METOD bottom cabinets and IKEA METOD top cabinets. With suspension rail for a bottom, METOD units and top METOD units suspension rail in detail. How to attach legs for bottom METOD units and cut back panel for plumbing and gas pipes.

***Tools I'm using***
Small electric screwdriver

Bigger drill and screwdriver all in one

For more tools for furniture assembly or general DIY adventures.

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Flat Pack Furniture Assembly London


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34 комментариев
Thank you for taking time to film this. Very helpful. I know it doubles the mounting time when you are also setting the cameras, pick the right spot, focus, set a decent light for all of us to see. Thanks again.
Serr Kocc
which board is that from ikea, i mean the main board on top of it I like it, can u please tell me the name of it thankyou!
Kieran Steffensen
This video was super helpful! Thanks so much
Conrad Jones
Cut the rail with a grinder outside mate.
dine youssef
Very helpful. Soo much appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to make this video
Giovanni Fiorentino
Great video. It looks easer if you would have instaled the top cabinet first.
Amy Dykens
ven deritso
Very informative work
Christopher Claudio Skierka
Excellent video sir!!!
What a beauty thank u
Sam Elliott
what height did you put the extractor fan ?
John Smelt
Why are you not making sure you find the wall studs to make sure you have a really secure rail? Great video
Froggy Frog 9000
Great video,
 thank you!
Tom Roberts
Nice video. Couple of questions relating to fixing the suspension rail:

1) What size hollow wall anchors are you using?
2) What size screws?
3) What size cavity wall plugs?

Jambo Jambo
Excellent, nice job
Anatoli Sova
Super. Your video reeeealy helped me.!!!
Rihards Kruminliepa
Wow , nice vid
Darren Selby
When will part 4 Metod video be available?
Try again. K
It is better to follow the IKEA instructions for up-righting the cabinets, it avoids the legs being forced off. The slotted angle plates for securing the suspension rail should be installed as shown in IKEA's instructions to provide a much stronger support. They will then provide some adjustment for inaccurate hole position.

The video work was good.
you could have cut a smaller hole for the pipe. Why are u using so many wall plugs. Showed try to anchor to the studs if possible
Wow. It was pretty disgusting. Nice kitchen
Order in Chaos
1:08 the bottom of the cabinet comes cut out from the factory. Why is that? It's very annoying! Why would Ikea cut out such a large hole on the bottom of the cabinet?
Muhammad Adnan
Karina Perez
this cabinets its a trahs
So they come with no service void for pipe work to run behind (between wall and cabinets) ??
David Detweiler
Velcome... to Transylvania....
lern deutsch

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