How to assemble & install IKEA Sektion wall cabinet

This is a video to help assemble and install IKEA Sektion wall cabinets. When doing a project of this kind be sure to always read IKEA directions and follow all safety and local code procedures.
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It's easier to attach the door fittings onto the side panel, before you assemble unit .
While it's laying flat ..
Mathew Ruberg
great video @doug! I put my cabinets up on a level rail but the bottoms of the cabinets seem to be just a little bit off. How much do i need to center/align them before I screw them together?
Naguchi lord
Any fixing needed at the bottom of the wall cabinets? or just hang it and secure it at the top?
Very helpful and straightforward tutorial Doug! much obliged! so refreshing to hear from a guy in the trades.
Phil Ward
I'm concerned about how you installed the top, flexing the sides out enough to get the camlocks engaged without breaking the other side out. At 3:56 after installing the back. Safer to be putting the pieces with studs into the camlocks?
Jason Taliaferro
Use a plastic spatula to open boxes saves time and your hands won't damage the cabinets
SHS Boosters
Hi Doug, with this new rail system, how close can you hang them to the ceiling?
Neil Fallon
Thanks for this! I can't believe how hard it was to find a video of the actual rail installation.
Robert Hencke
Can these ikea cabinets be installed with no back wall to attach them all I would have is the ceiling?
Paul M
No where is it clear where you mount the bar. You didn't say but it looks like you put the top of the bar at the 94"
So that's what I'll do.
J.P Barker
This is VERY helpful - thank you !!!
Tony Perez
Do you know How high to install the rail for 90 inch cabinets
sherian ferguson
Do you have a video showing how to install the cover panels on end and filler strips?
WNY Apts
Doug, have you done a base cabinet install video? Mainly how to install feet and getting level and also attaching cabinets to each other. Thanks great vid!
Doug, do the fasteners that you attached to the rail need to match the brackets on the cabinet?
polly bloom
very helpful thanks!
Tony Krizek
How long and what size were the screws you used to attach the suspension bracket to the wall?
When I mounted my upper section cabinets on the bases in between the backstops I placed a strip of poplar to fill the gap between the bottom of the cabinet and the wall and I drilled the base of the cabinet into the wall with 3 inch drywall screws to further help secure it. The cabinets are very stable if done that way so long as your upper rail is drilled firmly into the studs.
Sue Madge
I saw the girls in the returns section of our local Ikea, using a 365+ Hjalte egg turner to open the cartons. They all have one, it works really easily and leaves the carton undamaged in case you want to return the item. REALLY handy, if there was a better tool for the purpose I think Ikea would have it? Well worth the $3.99 if you're doing a kitchen. They're plastic and won't cut or scratch the contents.
Michele Stapleton
Suggestion: Next time use a wider angle lens or move the camera farther away from your workspace. Better yet, work with a second person who handles the camera. So many times when you did something, e.g., inserted a screw, your hands were outside the frame of the photo or blocked by a portion of your body, so we couldn't see what you were doing.
Hà Lê
Franci Hencke
Thanks for the video, but is it possible to install these cabinets to a Sofit with no back wall? Hi
You can't see what he is doing. Most of what he does is out of the camera's view. And then there is his body blocking what he does.
Melissa Lodholm
So i have a question how do i use the screw directions for hanging the cabinet rather than just the little gray lock? There are directions for using screws that seem to be way more secure.
Just use a butter knife, and push with the dull side to rip the sides of the box open. Works like a champ.
Best part is from 10:27 to 10:52!
jesus4ever Jesus4ever
How do you find the stubs?
Mike McLaughlin
Would like to see how the cover panels go on the end and between the long and short cabinets (on the first set of cabinets.) Do the cover panels have to be cut to fit? Do you have to cut the cover panel for where the rail is on the cover pieces that go between the inside cabinets? Do the cover panels go all the way to the ceiling?
Emily E
I really want one of these Ikea cabinets! But I have no idea how to mount it on my wall. I have steel stud framing behind a sheetrock wall that's double walled. I wonder if I should hire someone, lol.
John Smelt
Excellent job!
For me it was Tuesday.
I need to put cabinets as close to the top as possible?
michael kirkman
At 3:47, how did you get the bottom on when the cam lock bolts were coming in from the sides?
Jesus Garcia
Hi, how much weight can you put on each cabinet?
Hanwen Chen
Doug, i am in the middle of installing Ikea kitchen and vanity. My contractor can not finish the job. I really need someone's help finish the job so that my family can move into the new house. I live in Scottsdale AZ. Do you know anyone in this area who can help me with the installation? I greatly appreciate any help you and anyone here who can provide.
Henry Gardner
I just did a large ikea kitchen - most useful tool was a laser level. You have to find high and low spots in your floor and ceiling or you’ll run in to trouble with mouldings and toe kick gaps. It makes levelling at the same height on different walls a no brainer. I would say it’s a must for rail systems. Grinder to cut the suspension rail too
Kudva Syed
Where to attach the last grey little plastic nut? Where will it fit?
Ron Prochot
IKEA's instructions state maximum spacing of screws for the SEKTION rail is 12" o/c.
Brian Parker
Ive put my first cabinet up but find that the top of the cabinet is 1/4 off the wall as the back of the cabinet is straight and the suspension rail is 1/4" thick. This leaves the cabinet hanging forward from the top.
Chavira Wiser
Learn how to make it yourself with all details. Just google for 'woodprix' website:)

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