DUMBLES are Overrated, DJENT SUCKS, YouTube Gear Reviews FAIL, but a Guitar Can Become a Banjo! -SPF

This is an IMPORTANT CODED TRANSMISSION. In it you will receive detailed instructions and marching orders. Good luck and God speed!
0:18 Sh*t Post Friday Girl of the Week
0:54 £1500 Dumble Amp Cable, Why Dumbles are Overrated, Globalism and Alex Jones
3:30 Vintage $250 Fender Masking Tape...Yes, MASKING TAPE!
5:40 Maybe I Should Sell Bad Capacitors?
6:42 Why People Like All Original Guitars and Amps
7:48 USA Today Article on Guitars and CITES Treaty
8:06 I'm a Libertarian!
8:28 Big Game Hunting and Wildlife Conservation
10:46 REVV G3 Pedal Review DELUGE and Backlash
11:36 Phillip McKnight REVV G3 Reaction
13:21 Viewer Mail Opening - Traynor Reproduction Logos Logo
14:50 Turning an Electric Guitar into a Banjo? (String Effects Inc. "Guitar-Jo" Review Demo)
19:32 Influences - Simon & Garfunkel
21:59 Why I HATE the Disturbed version of Sound of Silence
24:55 Goodwill finds
27:31 Exploring the Secrets of EVERYTHING!
29:02 How to Defeat the New World Order
31:07 Surviving the Post-Comet Apocalypse
33:59 Breaking on Thru to the Other Side without Breaking the Bank!

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The Guitologist
Thanks to the fellow at Guitar-Jo for sending a sample of his device. Inventors are cool people. https://www.guitarjo.com/
If you don't worship everything Dumble then you're squashed in the solid state crystal lattice instead of surviving in a free space vacuum.
I restore classic cars for a living and I can say that people will pay crazy money to make it as original as possible, but masking tape? They don't go that far
Uncle Doug
Another fine episode, Brad. Amen on Dumble Amps, absurdly overpriced "vintage" anything, Simon & Garfunkle vs phony, "stylized" singing, etc. etc. It's great to hear a well-conceived (and delivered) rebuttal to the bogus nonsense that so many people accept as gospel. The whole concept of "boutique" amps and components rests on the "Emperor's New Clothes" principle: You must admire them.....or risk being considered "stupid". Meanwhile, the few rich and/or naive people who actually pay absurd prices for the items are condemned to lie about the quality of their purchases for the same reason. Thanks for being you, and sharing it with us.
Anthony Hernandez
Do u have a strap I can borrow? lol
Nick Soboleski
I'm with you on the disturbed version of the sound of silence. Everybody just clusterfucked me with links to it when it came out and I shut it off before it even hit 30 sec.
John Rosan
Yeah it's the masking tape from Jesus's coffin.
Jameson White
Beta testing to see who closely reads the description.. niiiicce
Lucas de la luz
I bought the 1963 masking tape. I put it in my vintage 2007 Squier infinity strat. It definitely improved the tone. Haters gonna hate...
H Ray
I swear I sound the same through just about anything. I played a kids american idol amp and I was kinda blown away how my tone stays the same.
I wish I had watched before I bought those 2 pieces of masking tape :(
Herro dawkness myoh fwei.
Doubleplusgood ending.
kenny murdoch
Best shit post Friday EVER!
Squeal little piggy! Loved the bad singin at the end! Fuckin boss man! Enunciate!!!!" Lol. Funny as f**k!
kustom steel
Love the south park reference and you sound exactly like something you would see on south park had me laughing almost to the point of tears thank you
The concept of what something is worth becomes very apparent when you start selling. The appraisers, and the value books have a price of 1000$, but when you put it out for sale, the best offer you can possibly get is about $700. You can put any asking price on stuff, but once it's actually SOLD, then you know what it's really worth.
I’m guessing this was the sign of the coming apocalypse. Should have seen it coming.
Andrew Siegel
Damn man... I’ve always been really against hunting for sport but I totally never thought of what you said. Good stuff Holmes
I just bought that tape, thanks for the lead.
Tutarras, Tutoriales en guitarra
Hey guys, I apologize for my ignorance.Can anyone tell me the country song he plays at 16:44, ( banjo from the movie clip ). I now its a classic but I cannot figure it out.Thanks
Daclaem Toth
All those ridiculous prices put along with the new guitars relic fashion , you can safly say that the human race is good to dump.
Peter James
"Emily when I find Her" Short and sweet! Love the show.
Todd Flowers
I agree with it all and this old "get off my lawn" man can double agree with the Djent dislike ! :-)
Rizalhanafi Yusof
Simon & Garfunkel was the soundtrack of my childhood in the early 1970's here in Malaysia. I remember travelling in my uncle's volkswagen while listening to them from cartridges on the car stereos.
Rufus D Tonebug
Brilliant, fucking pissed myself at the singing at the end 🤣🤣🤣 I got it 100% mate, spot on 👍👍👍
John Kerley
You made me laugh on that "Boy you got a purdy" mouth".
The Queen & toy collector
I have seen cello tape from vintage star wars toy boxes for sale, brown none sticky tape so it happens in all fields of collecting
David F
25 minutes well spent. Looking forward to next Friday's transmission. :)
"Boy you got a pretty mouth" HAHAHAHAHA! Now that is some funny shit man!
Ivo Furtado
By the way love bullshit Friday's keep them coming
Robert Frias
Another great Friday. I've some to count on it two weeks in a row and no failure. As for the content, I have nothing to add. You nailed it all so well Mr B.
love this format! great video, laughed a lot ^^
Alec J
And in the naked light I saw another quality Shit Post Friday.
I need that black and blue strap in my life <3 Love the vids as always man :)
trillrif axegrindor
there's a known phenomenon called "buyers justification" and it leads people to defend the dumbest things they have ever purchased as brilliant buys.
Ty Schmidt
Love the shit post Friday. Keep them up. I also love the end...ended transmission
Robby's Guitars
That album (S & G) was part of my early youth. Still love it.
Dude, I think you are my less evil twin. I love these shit post fridays.
SlowHand Bloose
I love your videos man, burn out the day, burn out the night!
MEDium Studios
"I'm A libertarian" I knew i liked you for a reason.... :D
TR French
INGSOC. Hilarious!
Hahaha! Great video! I lost it when you did your 90s vocalization! Haha!
Terence Kaye
Truly becoming a Big Fan,, Thank you for the Great video.. Love your repair videos also.. :)
Phil Roof
"Do some real research, watch a documentary."
Profit skews documentary publishers also.
Caleb Miskell
Love your videos man, keep it up. Looking forward for more to come cause I think I've watched all your others some of them more than a few times lol 🤘
Djent rant...hilarious! I feel your pain and it makes me feel like “HEY!!! Get off my lawn!!!!”
Loved the video. Felt like I was hangin' with a good friend.
Prince Westerburg
There are two sides to the audio industry: recording & reproduction and sound creation. Hifi is the former, guitar amps the latter.
That singing in the end reminded me of Sims singing in Sims 1...
Julian Patrick Bronte Glenn
You’re amazing!
William Larkin
Classic Metal and rock RULES!!
Ned Baez
Great video, you're funny as hell. By the way, I like some of those guitar straps back there.
King OfNothing
Shit Post days are probably my favorite videos.
I remember going through ebay looking for any amp to fix up and seeing so many "original" electrolytic caps pulled from vintage amps complete with warts at a nice $50 for 2. Hell no.
Rick Feith
Automobile restoration and vintage photography get EXTREMELY crazy with original parts
Buddy Martin
This was so great, so entertaining! Loved every single second, thanks Brad.
Jeff Knox
Thank you for some rational expression on wildlife conservation.
Bryan Wayne
You pulled off some awesome Scott Stapp imitatations Buddy! 😂😂😂
Tim Allen
Thanks Brad, that was thoroughly entertaining and very informative, you have gained a fan!!
trillrif axegrindor
Damn i just realized what Ive been missing lately YOUR AWESOME VIDEOS
Mike Gervasi
YES on S&G. Bookends is one of my top 10
Al Koenig
I love Shit Post Friday. Thanks for your efforts. My Gretsch came with the mute feature, Mrs Brown, that sound, nuclear banjo!
George Krabs
If Uncle Doug hangs around here you know you've come to the right place
I'll wait for tonymckenzie to review the revv pedal. He takes everything apart. I like the Dumble amp match in Bias Desktop. Who ever buys that cable should model it for the rest of us.
Tone Overdrive
great vid enjoyed the singing at the end ..and yes your right ..keep it simple and just sing the bloody song ...rock on ..peace..
Jah Rastafari
I I think somebody's been watching the final season of The Sopranos recently...
Andrew Pearce
"Stylized Badness" excellent evaluation of the current genre! 😇👍
ceriatone has some great stuff. I love his builds.
23:18 Yup, oh the 90's hahaha
Masking tape won't last that long it has a shelf life. Nice banjer licks btw you should do a cover of sounds of silence & many more songs an albums worth at lest, i'd buy it. Oh 1984 ending too cool.
Mark S C
..I'm so glad someone finally called out this piss poor auto tuned version of Simon n Garfunkel's Sounds of Silence by disturbed.... thx Brad
And to think Simon & Garfunkle had "The Sound of Silence" on their debut album!! Paul Simon is a HUGELY underrated guitar player!! Listen to his playing on "Baby Driver" or "Scarborough Fair", etc. He plays as well as James Taylor with just as much imagination in his playing yet he's never on the cover of Guitar World, and I've been getting those ever since 1992.
vikramjit banerjee
Hahaha really agree with your views on the version's of sounds if silence 😀😍😆
Southern fried awesomeness
Seven Mary three, hurgy Durgy!!!
Brian Cullen
6:30 a place where people try to find the original and pay an enormous price for items?
We need a Martin Luther of guitar for a reformation.
Ken Allen
Enjoyed this video bro.
Steve Hogan
(wow, this must have been one of my overly sensitive nights, removed an old post)
Jaycob Oliveri
Love your channel man. You keep it very real. I can't stand all this new 50 string 75 pound guitars 7 people playing it at once. When did three chords start sounding bad?
The Globalist has to go!
Breaking on thru... lol
Embree Smith
sum nice finger picken' fred .. :)
Scott Bulmer
I use to really enjoy your videos. Now you are starting to sound like "Wills/Grove" . Take care and I wish the best for you and your family......unsubscribed.
Fenderman 73
Your Scott Stapp impression was great!
Troy M
Great shit post! Loved it
Jake Ryan
I actually emailed that dude selling the Dumble speaker cable the other month talking about the price.

Insane what some people will try and charge for something like that
Love your Work, I suffer a little depression but not today LOL!
Tony A440
I agree about opening up the pedal during the reviews, I want to know what chips are used, etc.
bill925 axb
this video is hilarious!
Chris Clark
These videos are becoming the best part of my Friday!
Eamon Mcdermott
I'm pissing myself. You're a really funny fella. Great stuff
That Bobby Lee straps were making me Crazy!! Cool man!
Robi Saint Antoine
Dude. I gravitated to your channel because, if I'm gonna be too lazy to actually work on my amps, I at least enjoy watching someone knowledgeable do it while telling me stuff I never knew. BUT, jesus christ on a bike, these shitpost Fridays joints are just like... idk, but man I just listen to you rant and laugh my ass off at how fucking on point you are. I actually kind of like djent, fyi... more as a concept that has brought the guitar back into the (tiny, but it's there) spotlight. Like that Jason Richardson/Luke Holland - Tendonitis vid is pretty goddamn cool... but who cares, I just love listening to you go off cuz it's a dead fucking bullseye almost every time. I'm just waiting for some sensitive dude with a man bun and FEELINGS to do a video where he literally weeps as he pours out his soul on some cover of... idk [fill in the empty bubble that just burped itself into in my old man brain].
Someone makes Dumble clones that look exactly the same and he sells him for around $2500 which is still pricey for them
Ricky Abel
"And the moon rose..over an open field"
LOL I get such a wonderful laugh watching these. Man you the man.
William Thedrummer1
I was surprised your singing voice was that good! So different then your regular voice
Shades Wade
only thing semi comparable to that kind of insanity is building performance cars. out of production parts get pretty ridiculous BUT two slivers of 1963 masking tape...PRETTY FUCKING RIDICULOUS haha
Allen Woody
Yeah, I agree with everything you said, and you made me laugh out loud.
Sorry I am late! You crack me up. SPF has become Standup Post Fri. Enjoy your take on things.

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