IKEA KITCHEN Part 5 METOD Ikea integrated appliances installation

How to install IKEA KITCHEN integrated appliances including oven, microwave, cooker, and sink. IKEA METOD KITCHEN integrated appliances installation is last part in this series of IKEA METOD kitchen installation.
All 5 parts how to build Ikea method kitchen here :

Check out: Part: 1
Part: 2
Part: 3

***Tools I'm using***
Small electric screwdriver

Bigger drill and screwdriver all in one

For more tools for furniture assembly or general DIY adventures.

Here is my stuff :
Flat Pack Furniture Assembly London


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24 комментариев
Kevin Woods
Most helpful, I am about to do a very similar installation, Thank You.
Thank you so much for your tutorials.Great help, exactly what I just needed.
Brilliant work learnt so much from watching your video , god bless you
Marko Glišić
Hi 👋🏻 It is not recommend to install stove that close to the sink. If possible, leave at least 60-80cm between those.
Wasan w
Thank u so much for all ur videos. Becoz of ur videos, I was able to assemble my new born mamasnpapas mia drawers and bed...On my own 😀!!! Thanks so much
Montserrat Gil Garcia
Je suis une femme et je vous remercie pour vos vidéos et vos conseils qui m"on bien aidée bravo
Looks so simple but these are so expensive here in my place. How about there?
Creative ElectroPG
Woow good
Just Some Guy With A Smug Face
how did you fix the countertop to the cabinets?
Fantastic ,thanks a lot!
Di Champ Sky
Fantastic series of videos. A great help to us when trying to install out IKEA kitchen. The paper instructions are not that easy to follow!! Thank you so much.
good job man. But I think the sink should't set next to cook top.
VEVODeVon .iho
The ventilation hood installation is missing? It doesn't look like there was a hole for the smoke to go out. Is that right? I have one similar but not sure how to install it really.
Phill Preston
J Lai
what microwave and fit what kind wall cabinet? i guess cabinet size is 15x15x24?
MyLuckyBoss K
may i know the brand of the wall plugs and tools you used in the video ? Thanks
Marian Silviu
Installation great. Design wise though, hood needs to cover the entire hob not half, the microwave door is hitting the hood and the sink is too close to the hob, it cross contaminates. Seen a few setups and what I always remark is people don't understand that nice furniture doesn't magically create space. The previous design from the intro had placement done properly
do you know the dimensions of the microwave & can it be build in other cabinets?
Is the microwave from ikea or another brand?
Rob Smart
I am finding this extremely helpful as I am building my IKea kitchen for the first time ever. However it all goes a little too fast for me so I have to watch several times and pause some places. I wish the bit about narrow cuphoards and sliders was at the very beginning of the series as a warning to put the sliders on before assembling a narrow cuphoard. It was VERY difficult so I had to take it apart again in order to fit them as no space for using a screwdriver and I did not have a short stubby one and nowhere to buy one. Otherwise not perfect but very helpful thanks.
Karen Hughes
You teaching as if we are already know what to do
Ludvig Brandt
This cooker was not Nice

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