IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Course Part 5/5: How to Install Toe Kicks, Island Back Panels and Door Handles

This is our last installment of the IKEA Kitchen Course on how to plan, setup, and install an IKEA kitchen. In this video we tackled installation of our penisula cover panels, making and installing custom corbels, a super easy and efficient way to make installing handle hardware a breeze, as well as, installing the toe kicks.
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silver diesel
Thank you for all your time to make the series, very well done.
Thank you for the advice. Came here for the Toe Kick, left making a jig for my pulls and handle. Nice job.
20:54 Screw bulge ;)
Steve Bitschy
Thank you for showing your mistakes. Those are the things I am here to watch and learn from. Cheers.
Been planning a kitchen remodel ( kind of custom install ). Been contaplating Ikea cabs. I think you've sold me. Thank you for the step by step, tricks, and unforseens. Nice work by the way.
Devlin Clancy
very informative! this helped me out so much! Cheers
Luc St-Amour
Kody, I was a pleasure to watch and pick up a few tricks along the way, especially the corbels or brackets you made, very nice and I’m already thinking of a better and quicker way to install them and not from the inside of the cabinets. I have near 20 years of cabinetry installations and the last time I did ikea was 11 years ago, and that was sprung on me. I have another one coming up and just needed a refresher on the ikea system. Who knows I might consider installing them more often.
Thanks again.👷🏻‍♂️
Very imformative and extremely thorough. Thank you so much for the production, and thoughtfullness. Subscribed and liked!
Cameron Charles
Awesome how to series, thanks mate. Very well explained and demonstrated. Just one thing, can you please re-make the 5 parts again using the metric system lol
Matt Lynch
amazing job, examples, tips, and reference. jig suggestions are great.
What a great series. I'll be installing a new kitchen shortly and have been looking at Ikea so this is very handy.
Peter Walton
Well done Sir. Excellent series of videos. Great tips and tricks 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Sharlene Ironside
This is an amazing series, thank you Kody Horvey!!!
Do you have a video showing how to install the worktops?
So glad I found your step by step Ikea installation & plan on having a new kitchen in the very near future! These videos will be a great help! Really appreciate all the tips and you showing the mistakes & how to rectify them! Thank You! Subscribed & liked!!
John Jones
Great video series, but why did you completely skip the counter install?
mat mul
😭😭 Come to Germany and sort my IKEA kitchen out pleeeease. Sooo stressful
Sarah Robertson
Is there any specific reason why you built the base cabinets on the subfloor rather than the finished flooring (aside from cost)?
I feel like it would have been much easier for measurements to build directly onto the finished floor.
Abdullah Ayazi
Very nice work and professional. Thank you.
NEKRO Channel
After a "LEGO childhood" I think this is the next step for someone who still has time, some patience, proper tools and it's on a low-medium budget.
Made it all the way through the 5 episodes and every minute was important for a starter like me. A lot of tips. Not sure if all men in this job work just the same as you, but I'd consider you a perfectionist, which is nice. This result after a hard work deserves a nice tip. Congratulations!
Gloria Hernandez
I love the backsplash tile... can you share where did you purchase? Thank you
Michael Arnold
I did not see how the plywood for the countertops was attached. Do you screw down into the cabinet sides or screw up into the plywood from the metal brackets?
Kady Q
Ikea doesn't have those toe kicks anymore. How long ago was this kitchen actually done?

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