IKEA Kitchen Course Part 4 of 5: How to Install and Adjust Drawers, Rails, Hinges and, Soft-Closes

Part 4 of our IKEA kitchen cabinet course covers the building and installing of the drawers, rails, hinges, and soft-closes. This is the fun part of the project because you really get to see all your hard work come together.

The IKEA kitchen system is ingenious. I will show you how to adjust the doors and drawer fronts of your new IKEA kitchen so that everything opens and closes properly and also has that nice, even look.

0:02:07 - Back-set Example

0:05:58 - Finishing Hardware Clips and Counter-top Spacers

0:08:47 - Installing the Carousel

0:14:19 - Building Drawers

0:29:45 - Installing and Setting Drawer Rails

0:38:30 - Making Drawer Adjustments

0:40:24 - Installing Hinges on Doors

0:44:12 - Adjusting Doors That Don't Close Correctly
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Noel Bissoondial
Thank you very much sir!
Ikea should be paying you to do this, good job!
Hands down the best Ikea kitchen install videos on Youtube.
melek b
THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to put these detailed videos together. You answered basically every question I had about installing an Ikea kitchen. :)
Watching your Ikea series has made me want an Ikea more so especially when you stated in your other video that everything is interchangeable. Installing in a rental and I know tenants can be harsh damage door get a new one, even if I had to replace a cabinet I can't see that being an issue either. Great videos and instructions thank you so much.
one of the best how to instructions i have ever watched well done
Breanna Morbito
Thank you so much for these videos! Super helpful! How many of the fixa cabinet support brackets would you recommend? Like do you need one for all four sides of every cabinet?
Edo van Santen
@Kody Horvey, as an experienced DIY-er, I am planning to custom build my second new kitchen. Doing research, found your videos. In your videos, you showed me so much handy tips and tricks, really helpful in my planning and design proces. I start wondering whether I should custom build myself or buy IKEA, as their kitchens are so well thought out. I'll discuss this with the wife :-) . Anyway, million thanks for these extremely useful videos. Highly appreciated! Keep up the good work. Warm regards from The Netherlands!
Try again. K
Thank you for taking the time to present this instruction video. This American IKEA kitchen design is definitely an improvement over the European design.
Dillon Powell
38:31 adjusdtmentd
I.M. Peterrific
"I don't know how to say any of their words..."
I'm pretty sure most of us are sharing in the same pain with this.
Even though I finished my Ikea kitchen a few months ago, I've watched your entire series. Great work! Ikea should be directing people to your videos, one of the best series I've seen on the magic of the Ikea (Blum) systems.
One thing that is really important (at least here with the Australian Ikea flat packs) is that you really need to use #2 POZIDRIVE bits in your drivers. Phillips head drivers will chew out the screws quick smart. Also not a bad idea to use a hand screw driver for the Euro screws if you aren't really experienced with a power driver to prevent tearing out the screw holes.
David Campbell
Kody, thank you so much for the videos! They are extremely helpful, as I am installing my own Ikea kitchen. Do you have any advice regarding installing the very large panels that extend from the bottom of the base cabinet to the top to the upper cabinet, such as next to the refrigerator, when one wishes to conceal it's side? I have two such panels to install, one next to refrigerator and another between a 90" floor to ceiling cabinet and the adjacent upper and base cabinets. Thanks again.
Matt Lynch
great video. very helpful
I wish I could give you 1,000 thumbs up! I also wish I saw this BEFORE I attempted to assemble and install the drawers and doors. Your video is probably one of The Best I've ever seen. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so thorough and easy to understand!
Walter Lane
Blum drawer glides are full adjustable as well.
Where do you live?
Brad Knorr
Do filler panels go in the inside corners of the liner corner cabinet?
Nuridinov Nuridinov
Phil Ward
Do all their drawers snap together like these? What is the longevity of them? Do the snap together joints work loose over the years? Plastic parts?
Sandy Teal
Kody , have learned more in this video series than all the other IKEA videos combined. Actually used this video to try and find the metal spacers that you installed on the top of the base cabinets to level the top, at an IKEA store. The kitchen rep was so
impressed with the video, she was going home to watch the series. That said, we could not find the metal spacer in their
literature. Did this part come from IKEA?
Amber Fiander
Wondering if you can tell me how much clearance is needed for the door/utrusta pull out carousel. I'm working in a very tight space and have to put my stove next to the corner cabinet at a 90 degree angle.. trying to figure out how much filler panel space i would need in order to have the door/pull out clear the oven door handle. I've searched high and low online and in the manuals cannot seem to find any information on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ken's Residential Real Estate Channel
I have the 5 10 and 15 in drawers and the last drawer is not lining up. What do i do?

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