IKEA Kitchen METOD Assembly Kitchen Wall Cabinet

Assembling IKEA METOD Kitchen Wall Cabinet. Kitchen wall units add a stylish touch to any kitchen, and you can choose from a huge range of combinations that get the most of your space. 💟 Subscribe

Including vertical or horizontal doors, you can even have built in dish drainers, or additional drawers beneath. The shelves are all adjustable and with a sturdy 18mm frame construction, so whatever your vision, the IKEA METOD kitchen system is built around you.

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35 комментариев
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Kenneth Williams
I don't understand the down votes, you did a good job.
Gallop Renovation Paris
félicitations pour ce très bon travail
Meine Katzenwelt
Danke das du anderen hilfst
sehr toll
Simhan Pvk
wonderful get more ideas fromseeing this viedo
Rios Moodie
I'm so sure that you can make it too guys. Just look for woodprix.
Unazukin M
How many did you assemble?! You was fast! I'll try that tomorrow, thanks for sharing 👍🏻😊
Wh1teKn1ghT 0716
Great work 👍🏼
Damaged Goodz
No wood glue in the dowel holes ??
Азат Манаев
Детали на голый пол не кладут!
Yana Yani
Berapa itu harganya
aek émir
j aime ikea mais prudence sur les produits chinois 😕😕
Vanessa Toukoum
Harold Coghlan
Check out HDC RTA vs competition on you tube. Faster assembly with no cam locks, nails or brackets. Check it out!
lilaya torkya
Nice video for beginners. It's very standard Ikea assembly like the
Billy though. Now comes the dirty work. How do you get these on the
wall? I'd like to get the 80cm wide floor drawer cabinet. Do they have
to be attached with rails in the wall? I was told they can't just stand on the feet.
How many screws do I have to drill into the wall? What's the screw diameter in mm? Do I need wall plugs? I'm just a tenant so I'd need to know those details for the
landlord. I can't drill too wide and deep. Any hint is very appreciated.
Cheers mate!
ким чен ир
три минуты в начале клипа вскрывал упаковку.....ну очень познавательно)))
matthew wood
How do you attach it to a wall ??
salvatore russo
Jamie Osullivan
What’s the point of the small nails at the end ?
lernt deutsch
ernesto perez
you did a great job man! i honestly dont know how people are frowning on the power tools how else is it expect it done they clearly have never had an ikea kitchen installed at there house by ikea's installation company. A small kitchen needs to be installed in one day, a medium kitchen in two days, and a good size kitchen in three days at about 20 cabs and its rear to go at four day it would have to be like 30 cab install but non the least it wouldn't be possible without power tools there is no way, it would take a considerable amount of time to build all those cabinets with a screw driver. And those who base them self and say its in the book, sorry using a square when your are putting in the nails isnt in the book and yet if you whant thing to smooth in an install you need to square your cabs otherwise it raises problem.
Dan Lagerbielke
Good vid! thx!
Retail Plus
Doing the assembly on the floor is like work in the stone age. Kills your knees and back in a couple of hours. I use two tables in L, one for tools and hardware and a bigger one for rest of the stuff. I can work for 6 to 8 hours.

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