DIY: Floating Sideboard IKEA Hack - #theworktop

Hope you enjoyed watching me make this IKEA hack.

Check out my last video for some new breakfast ideas:


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Estée Lalonde
Can't you just bring this thing over to our place? SO NICE! <3 
Ann-Kathrin Wustrack
I´d love to see a DIY for a wall-mounted Bike-holder? :) 
So happy you finally made your own channel! It makes me smile because you're a natural. I remember in Estee's first boyfriend tag how you loved communicating with us and now you have your own platform to do so and share your creativity with everyone. Your videos are amazing so far, keep up the great work Aslan, I'm proud of you :) Maybe you could show us how to make a custom nightstand and dresser for cheap. Every nightstand I find is around $200 which I find a little steep for something that isn't too cute, thanks :)
how do you ensure the wall fixings are strong enough?
This seems like a lot of weight for one bracket
It does look very good btw
Wow, I wish I was that DIY-gifted!
I'd love to see a DIY on alternative ways to store/hang clothes if one doesn't have a wardrobe :-)
And maybe put your tutorial where you made Estee's make-up table on this channel.
Ira Semina
This is awesome! I love the fact that you incorporate IKEA stuff in the DIYs, because it is most accessible all over the world. I'd love to see small DIY units for organisation, such as for keys or jewelry, cool succulent/cactus display ideas and modern looking vases. Preferably with stuff from IKEA as well :)
Cindy Rene
You should do a video on how you made that desk for Essie.
I'd love to see a coffee table IKEA hack! 
H. C.
Looks really good. Great Job!👌
katy leach
Love !!!!
Rebecca Calver
i'd love to see a tour of some of the rooms in your house, everything looks so put together in your apartment,
it'd be lovely to see how you put it all together to create such a fluid place.

I love interesting designed pieces but it tends to look like a bit of jumble when i put them all in one place!
It'd be great to see an Aslan bookcase, perhaps using another Ikea hack rather than something you have to build from scratch. I have hundreds of books, and I'd quite like a better way of displaying them than your typical boring shelf. Great video! Would love to do this someday, when I finally get to see an Ikea, sadly there aren't
I'm loving this channel, you're so genuine and cool. I'd love to see something to hang on the wall to hold jewelry. I'm sure Essie would like that too! :) cheers
Catarina Relvas
Hey Aslan! I really love your intros! I would love to see you doing a bookcase.
I appreciate the creative intros! 
noa kesh
Ah This thing is gorgeous! I would love to have something like that in my house! 
You are a true talent Aslan, I really adore your work! :) 
You're so creative and so talented!  I'm loving this channel!!
Aslan, this is amazing!!! I love this so much!! especially when you said 'if you are patient, that'd help', i just bursted out laughing.. well done. and please keep it up.. absolutely a joy to watch.. hope I will have the space and a home of my own someday to carry out these projects
Fatemah Jamil
I love this. I wish I saw this before we bought an actual media set:P looking forward for many more hacks:D
Love your clean filming style 
Ashley Cartagena
This is the best! I'd love to see your take on a DIY coffee table, especially if it's like your coffee table/a mid-century type situation. Keep being cool! X
Jennifer Barretto
You're immensely talented. Such a neat unit. Love the look of it.
I'm really happy that we get to see more of you! I would love to see a pantry/closet organizational DIY
Mar SPrieto
I loved it so much I'm thinking to build one for my flat! Just a suggestion: it would be nice to include the materials needed from Ikea in the description box below. Well done!
DIY Suggestion: How to transform an old piece of furniture into something more fresh/new.  AWESOME VIDEO!
Mia Milly
DIY idea: clothes rail. let's see how creative we can get.. using a tree trunk or industrial pipes?
Maureen Aherne
This was awesome I am actually going to try this for my living room.I would love to see you make a desk like the one you made Essie :)
Sandra Lavaniegos
Your editing is so beautiful I can't even
jade nolan
Would love to see an office/studio type DIY as I'm converting my shed in my garden into a studio for art college, editing was on point! Really enjoyed this
Elizabeth L
I love your intros! Seriously amazed by how sleek it turned out :O
Milly Cara
Now I could NEVER do this in my life, yet I still watched it and found it interesting. Love the editing and quality of your videos Aslan. So great, well done.
Ashley Crumbley
I'm so glad you started a vlog. I love watching you and Estee on the vlog channel. This turned out great. I need to show this to my husband.

Could you make a pretty diy chalkboard with a pretty frame. Love the little tool caddy. It would be awesome to win.
Kai Foo
Essie is so lucky. You're awesome.
Hannah Nelson
I don't normally watch videos like this but I'm so glad you made a channel!
love how this was filmed/edited!
Thao My Tran
Wow, you're so creative, Aslan! Love the editing!
This was gorgeous. Plus it was so nice of you to make it for a friend!
I would love to see a DIY for some kind of wall decor - I'm always looking for new things to put up! great job Aslan!
Can someone do me a solid and reply to this with a link to where I can find these exact cabinets? Much appreciated!
A Sidedesk is perfect, 'cause I need room where I can put my stuff in.
Freaking amazing. I could never make this.
Aslan, you're so talented! This was a beautiful DIY. I can't wait for more :)
Clem's Nails
Bravo Aslan !! This new video is amazing :) Loved the intro ! And the edit.. my god ! :) Maybe you could do something with Ikea's bookshelves one day? I have a lot of books but no many space in my room.... :) Keep doing those amazing video !
Angela Leung
WOW it actually looks so amazing. Seriously. Love it.
Mona S
Oh im so glad i saw this, aaaand i love your rambling :D
Gitty Ahmadi
that felt like a satisfying job :')
Jessica Sanchez
I want to see you do an inexpensive gallery wall. I've been wanting to redo this wide we have in the living room. Would love to see what your ideas would be. Thanks!
Becky Riesinger
I would love to see a project made from reclaimed wood.
Eunice Chan
Hey Aslan! I'm so happy you decided to have your own channel.  DIY idea: wall-mounted desk! like on a hinge? haha
Nursing 12
HI!! how much did it all cost is it all from ikea?
I'm so impressed! 
And I really want to build something myself now hahaha the only thing I ever built was a nightstand, pretty simple, but I was so proud of myself at the time haha
fabio jk supertramp
is there a sliding doors version of it? and by the way, I love this hack :)
Dari Hdz
ahhh I love it!!! thank youu
Hannah Patterson
How about "Today's worktop is the workbench?" Loved the video!
Chloe Quintero
Can I just say, I absolutely LOVE how you've edited these videos. Awesome, loving your channel so far!
Macarena González
That was awesome, it really look a lot expensive than it is. Maybe for a next video you could do like a "what a beginner needs in his/her tool box" :)
Meg Livingston
This is aammmaazzziingg. Floating cabinets make my heart swoon.
Hi Aslan! I was so excited when Estee announced you had a channel! Lovin' the videos so far, keep them up! It would be great if you could maybe even go over the tools you have so far and maybe what every starter diy-er should have
Julia Francis
I'd love to see lighting DIYs!
Lia Michelle
I love it! I might do this when I get a house! :D
Helen Winter
I love how you edit and film this!! You definitely need to do a Behind the Scenes Editing video! Also how do you film with that depth of field? I love it when the background is out of focus.

Love the video, great idea :) 
Julia Zimmermann
love it!!
Erin Foley
that intro tho
Vanessa Rung
Love this!! I'm going to get my dad to make me some
Ella C
Aslan the editing and just how well you do infront of the camera is amazing 😊 well done!!
Just thought of a name for this section of your channel: The benchtop!
Laura Neuzeth
This is fantastic! I wish I had the place to do this because I loved the finished product. I'll keep this in a playlist for when I eventually move out. lol
Cathérine Emmanuels
LOVE the intro! I really enjoyed the DIY, Aslan : ) Congrats on The Worktop and I am looking forward to your future uploads. Greetings from The Netherlands
Nadiah Samh
You're amazing keep going we will support you ❤️

blathnaid murphy
I would love to see your take on making a chair!
This is amazing :). Thank you!
Aoife Brown
Would love to see you make a vanity table, really wanting one! 

Loving the new channel, love watching you and Estee on your vlog channel :) 
This is gorgeous. You did a phenomenal job.
Sophie Amelia
i love this ! you and Estée are my fave youtubers by far !! i just love the style of your videos and everything!!! love your vlogs too :) xx
aa tamu
Aslan how are you so talented ??!! That was awesome. 
Natalie Radic
Great video and I would love to see something where I can storage things for my little daughter or some cool organisation stuff for the office.

Very cool that you also do a YouTube channel.

Have a nice evening with your little family
I love it ! Aslan, you're a great DIY presenter :-)
And the typography looks amazing. Good job !
Thien Do
This is brilliant and so sleek!!! I'm so happy you're doing this channel. I hope you keep it up!!! You and Estée are great in front of the camera. Your production quality in these videos is amazing!
katharina bla
big love!!!
ZoZo Bear
"I drilled this hole and I drilled it good"....LOOOL
Mi Luo
Love the handles!!
DIY idea - some type of wall art. Love your style!
Pilar Bonaparte
That intro tho! So good!
Bianca Kym
I would actually love to see a small coffee table DIY, or a bookshelf DIY where you can display photography books easily. Or, as a smaller idea: do a scandi style book end video? Either way, this was beautiful, making every design lover swoon!
I would really love to see you put together a bookshelf! I'm loving your new channel!
5 years as a couple, it's time to propose.  It's none of my business, just trying to help you out.
Elizabeth Lilly
Loved this video! It's very empowering to see that I can make something like this at home, especially because I am living on a student's budget. Thank you Aslan. Also your editing & post production is awesome!!
Steph Cunliffe
Can you do a DIY Ladder Shelf or DIY Drawer Organizer. :) Loved this video Excited for your next cooking one!
2:32 to skip intro (thank me later)
Romina Marchini
That was brilliant! Perfect!
Mathilde Laviec
Amazing !!! :)
Hana Trifena
You cook, build, edit, take photos, waaaaaaa! Perfect!
Brittany Smith
I'd be interested to see a video on updating vintage flea market furniture - how to make them look more modern!
Hadley F
that intro was amazinggggggggg
Well done, Aslan! Love it!
Karla Valdez
oh wow!!! more like this!

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