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DIY Ikea kitchen cabinet installation in this GardenFork video. You'll learn how to assemble and hang Ikea kitchen cabinets with a few tools; be sure to have someone help you. Watch all our how to assemble Ikea videos here:

Perfect for a DIY Ikea Kitchen remodel, if I can do it, you can do it!

You will need 2 people to hang kitchen cabinets. Be sure to attach the mounting bar securely to several studs in the wall.

If you are hanging kitchen cabinets on brick or cement, watch our how to drill into brick and cement video here:

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leto B
Thx for this amazing video. The guy asking questions, pls stop. Do you speak swedish???
Really helpful video!, Did not realize that it actually was this easy! :) Thank you for doing this video!
Sheila Hernandez
Excellent video!! New sub.. 👍
You're amazing! I love your personality and your a great instructor! 😃
Pam McAllister
Not current Ikea cabinets. Search for Sektion. These are old Akurum.
Sam Holman
you should invest   in   SDS drill
Mary Beasley
Very helpful! Best tutorial on this I've found. thank you! I have a question: will these work with soffits above?
Others have said it but I have to say it too... Amazing video, very well done. You explained everything in a clear way and used your visuals very well.
timothy chung
"... did you explain what a shop-vac was for?" Was that not obvious? A shop vacation is a glorify vacuum!
Nell McCoin
You make me laugh. I always lose my hammer too.
Darren Gibson
What size plugs and screws were used to fix the rail to the wall?
My Virtual Bulldog Channel
Do u have to drill the handle holes for ikea stuff?
Thanks man, very helpful
Jyoti Bains
Best video other video from ikea not that clear
Great video...Just a small remark
The left door of the cabinet is not equal to the right one ;)
Stray Cat
that's not what the instructions say
E. S. Blofeld
can you advise how you make sure the plastic anchors won't slip out? I've tried plastic anchors on cinder-blocks but they kept slipping out and actually had to use toggle bolts instead.
G Scruton
Very helpful!
Jeff Nichols
From where did you purchase the metal mounting suspension rail?
Is the gap width from the wall and the back of wall cabinet the same for 'wall cabinet' and 'base cabinet'?
As my Wife is going to China for 3 month to bring our Kids to Grandparents, i'm planning on Renovating our kitchen at home in the meantime, you Sir have a nice way of explaining things!
Chris Allen
Ikea killed my cat.
maho steinberg oikawa
thanx for the explanation!
i m thinking about buying IKEA kitchen but my walls are really not leveled.... do you have any suggestions? because this is why i am still only on my thinking fase.....
Wh1teKn1ghT 0716
Do you have suggestions for mounting the wall cabinets without the railing ?
hey thanks man
a repeat?
susan scott
Will this work on concrete block wall?
Can I just buy that bracket and bolt?
Justin Crediblename
thanks. I just got a whole kitchen full of maple-faced ikea cabinets and hardware, and I don't know how to install them! This'll help a lot!
I hope to find out how to attach ikea bottom drawers to the walls.
Kirby Evans
You glossed over one of the most complicated parts. "Measure down" you said "because the rail hangs slightly below the cabinet." But that is way too vague. You have to "measure down" exactly the right amount or the cabinet will be in the wrong place!
Seven9 Exchange
Great video. Entertaining too.
Martin Nolan
A very amusing yet informative video. I am about to embark on installing a 20 unit (plus appliances) IKEA Metod kitchen that includes high cabinets - so far yours has been the only video to clearly explain the hanging rail system! Many thanks from the UK!
Asian Goddess
OMG Love you thank you so much for the tips & your humour. assembling our kitchen I designed tmrw. and yes I subscribed. you're just like me "I can't find the hammer & I don't have time. lol Ice cream man. break time. oh gosh and Koodos to the camera man so cool
charles vereschagin
Maybe I'm dense, but I have to ask. What is with the knee pads?
I'm hanging a set of these cabinets to a wall that is brick, covered in lath and plaster and topped with a layer of drywall. After about an inch in, you hit the brick. Would you suggest lead anchors for this?
Margie Rojas
after searching so long this video is the best OMG I have seen almost most of your videos and you are right! all other videos they get perfect the first time but you make us feel we are not alone. thanks so much for your videos now we know how to do renovations in our home we just need some tool. Thanks God bless you
Hi, can you tell me how many mm the nail's should be long? Thank you!
Letizia Margo
Do you think it's possible to DIY build the shelves using some wood and just buy the railing by itself? I guess theoretically I just have to make sure there's a hole in the back corners right?
Rick Kennerly
No hammer?  It's a wrenching experience...
Mike Mike
Very good video.
Im looking to buy the wall mount rail bar but i cannt find it in ebay or amzn.
Can you tell me where can i get it and what does it call??
Coon Dung
How much weight can that particle board cabinet hold on top and inside ?
thanks going to do this tonight!
Clean Slate Farm
When all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail! Nice job.
Peter Collins
How to connect the Hemnes Secretary doors==the hinges will NOT click, very frustrating (IKEA)  Model #102-457-09
KarenMarie Saracino
You guys are hilarious. Thanks for the video!! My cabinet rail is different. All the holes are the same large size and they come with this weird looking washer/wedge type things. No nails or screws. This ought to be fun!!
Sarabjit Mahal
where can i get the hanging rail u r using from?
Steve Blackwell
Hey guys, thanks for this video. I'm considering using these cabinets but I was wondering if I had one side set against a wall, would the doors open cleanly or would they snag on the wall when opened? It looks like it would, but it's difficult to tell from the video. Thanks in advance.
Nathen Knickenbocker
anybody who taps an anchor into the wall with a tape measure , is a real idiot!!! not too mention the mask that you wear, for what?? your sucking all the debree away with the shop vac!!!

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