How To Start A Bank Account Churning Business For Beginners (PASSIVE INCOME)

The website I use to find new bank account bonus offers:

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I began this passive income stream of bank account churning a couple of months ago and I have been very happy with the results. Bank account churning is very similar to credit card churning, where you sign up for credit cards to get free travel and rewards. The only difference is that you are signing up for bank accounts and getting CASH BONUSES.

The reason that banks offer these bonuses is to get your attention and business over other banks. Because of this, there are always countless bonus offers going on at any given time, so there is an option that is right for everyone!

How do you begin to profit from churning bank accounts? What are the steps? It is actually very simple:

Step 1: Open account
Step 2: Deposit the minimum
Step 3: Wait 60-90 days
step 4: Free money

How do I fund these bank accounts on a student budget? The strategy that I use is to take part of my EMERGENCY FUND, and use it to open new accounts. The benefit to this strategy is that I still see that money as part of my emergency fund, and if anything were to happen requiring me to withdraw, I have total access to my money.

I hope you can use these tips to begin making passive income with bank account churning today! Make sure to tune in next week because I will be discussing burnout, and what you can do to make sure you can balance and healthy!

These are some of the resources that I use and have drastically improved my life. I 100% recommend each of them. ⤵

Receive a $10 SIGN UP BONUS when you start earning cashback on groceries with Ibotta:

Receive a FREE $50 sign up bonus when you begin building your credit with a Discover card (my fave card as a student):

Join Acorns and get a FREE $5 invested (EASIEST way to get started investing and free for students):

Begin investing with Robinhood and get a FREE STOCK (my personal favorite investing app for simplicity):

Get TWO Free Stock on WeBull when you deposit $100:

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Chris D'Andrea - Personal Finance Videos
Thanks so much for watching! What are your thoughts about bank account churning? Is it truly "passive income?" 🤔 I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Bill White
I’m can’t wait to try this!!! ALSO! I’m really feeling the burnout right now so I’m hype to see the tips in next week’s video
Noah Bryan
I love this idea! Just keeping your money in one place and MAKING MONEY ? That’s a crazy $300 bonus with Chase!
Carmella Rose
Always love lifestyle design show and blog!!! Can’t wait for next weeks burnout video 🤩. Thanks for all the ways you teach to shape our lives for the better 💪🤗👍
Craig Lombard
I wish I had money and power like you Chris! I’m so poor!
I have less knowledge about this sorta thing, if I transfer from BofA to Chanse, will that meet the requirement of
direct deposit?
Damon Keizer
I like your setup man it looks really good. Great video too!
Matty Boe Grow A Meme Page Video Tutorials
free money wooohoo
Daniel Mandato
100 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOO

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