How to Start A Bank

If you want to start a bank, this video can help you.

The banking business is one of the most profitable in the world. You have depositors, on one hand, depositing money in your institution. On the other hand, you can charge bank fees and you can lend out a certain portion of that money and earn interest. The important thing is to make sure that the actions you take are safe and comply with the law. In the banking business if you have a choice between two investment, one with high return and high risk and one with a low to medium return and low risk you choose the low risk option.

The world’s richest investor, Warren Buffett owns a large percentage of Wells Fargo bank. He says the reason most people lose money is they want to earn money quickly. He says, the thing is - I don’t know how to do it. Everyone else wants to earn money quickly. I’m satisfied with earning it slowly. If one of the world’s wealthiest men say that, for someone who seeks wealth, the principle of earning money slowly, safely and steadily is something that we can all take to heart….especially in the banking business.

Okay, so what do you do to start a bank.

The first step is to choose your jurisdiction. Now, to form a US bank need about $15 to 30 million in capital to get started. That is not an expense. That is your cushion that you need to deposit so that you have something to fall back on during the ebbs and flows of profitability. In many other countries however, you only need $500,000 to $1 million. Keep in mind, this does not have to be YOUR money. You can RAISE this money after you form your corporation. So, none of it has to come out of your own pocket.

Some of the recommended jurisdictions in which to form a bank as of this recording is the country of Dominica, where a bank needs $1 million of capitalization. In St. Vincent, you only need $500,000 of capitalization as of the current regulations for a class B Bank. A Class A banking license generally means you can serve any viable client, including local citizens of that country. A Class B bank means you can accept clients worldwide except from within that jurisdiction. So, at this moment in time we like St. Vincent class B license as the place to start a new bank.

Step #2 is to form a corporation in the jurisdiction where you want to start a bank. Form a corporation. First we form a corporation without the word Bank in the name. Then we get a banking license. Then we amend the name to include the word “bank.” You can call us to form the corporation for you right now at 1-800-959-8819 or +1-661-310-2929. We can also provide an address in the region - for your company to comply with initial requirements.

Keep in mind - if you are not willing to invest a few thousand to form a corporation and physical address, it is going to be difficult to find people who will want to invest hundreds of thousands or millions to help you start your bank. So, before calling and asking us questions, at least be prepared to form your corporation - because that is the minimum first step.

If we have formed a corporation for you, we can offer a free consultation to help you get your bank started. If you are not ready to form a corporation then wait until you are before you give us a call. What was happening is we were getting way too many calls from people who were merely curious. So, because of time constraints we really need to concentrate our efforts on the serious. So if you are serious and want to start your banking corporation give us a call, we are glad to help.

Step #3 Is to complete the banking application and provide your due diligence. The banking industry deals with other people’s money so it is very highly regulated. You will need to be transparent and provide full documented proof of your identity. The regulators will run a full background check on you to make sure  you have a clean track record. It is also recommended that you have people on your board of directors who have banking experience. We can help provide those people and make suggestions as to where they can be found. The cost for the license fee and legal fees are going to be over $100,000. Again, this does not have to come out of your pocket but out of the pockets of your investors.

Step #4 is an optional step. If you already have sufficient capital, you will provide proof of funds by proving that you have liquid, that is liquid capital that you have access to immediately. If it is not immediately liquid on the day that you apply or soon thereafter it doesn’t count. If not, you will raise capital from investors. Investors will pool their money together to provide you sufficient cushion to acquire your banking license.

Step #5 Is that we find you a location to start your bank along with local personnel to help you operate it. Usually you will need at least two or more local employees to meet the regulations. Again, we can help you find your location as well as your initial employees.
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Asada Coehlo
Wow, you're an incredibly handsome man!
Austin Munday
This guy is very eloquent. Great video. I aspire to open my own bank one day.
Very helpful thank you
Dalton Hampton
This is what Jay Z should be doing with that billionaire status . Starting some black owned banks .
Ardeshir Irani
I’m 17 and I want to make big money. I have some contacts and relatives who are wealthy and I’m wondering how I can position myself to start a profitable bank. So how much is it to form the corporation etc? And is st Vincent a viable place to do business?
People in a couple years will be putting there money on decentralized platforms. using a mixture of stable coins and non stable like bitcoin.I see the big guys like JP moragan are already onboard. which if you no anything about the crypto community. The're trying to get away from banks all together.crypto banks are the future of banks.Banks.
So if I were to want to start one in the us should I start the corporation first then contact you or After I Start it and find investors?
Mohamad TAYNAZ
you make it look easy, but it is too good to be true
Nathan Rodriguez
So to create a Bank on U.S soil it costs $15million?
Thomas Zizzo
what's the difference between choosing your jurisdiction and finding a location?
But you can't advertise your foreign bank in the United States.
Rahul Kumar
I want to open a bank in india can you help me ?
What do you mean by you can raise the money? Any examples?
Eagle Eye
MR Do you have an Email adress ?

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