50 Varieties of Heirloom Watermelon and How to start a Seed Bank / Seed Exchange

John from shares with you a sneak peak of what you will see at the 2012 Heirloom Expo taking place in Santa Rosa, California on Sept 11-13, 2012. In this episode you will learn about nearly 50 varieties of heirloom watermelons, on how you can easily start a community seed bank, seed exchange or community seed garden and also how you can use wooden wine crates to make a worm bin. After watching this episode, you will have a small glimpse of how fun the 2012 Heirloom Expo will be!
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we need such a sympathic guy like you who shows thin like this in europe on youtube
One Fine Day
even when you are not smiling..your eyes look like youre smiling...such a pleasant and well natured guy you are :)
John, everything is indeed bigger in Texas. Thank You.
This is such an epic event. It's even scientific. This isn't even about silly food size contests, this is an unreal way to look at the way we get our food, the stuff we eat, and why it's so terrible!
Debbie Kleven
It was great to meet you yesterday. What an epic event. I heard about the event through one of you previous videos. Thank you!
i like the camerawork lol
The Productive Garden
It looks like a great event John. It is just a shame I am a few thousand miles away :(
John you're so rad! Keep up the fantastic work.
Thank so much for showing me this! Of course Im from Pa. so I won't get to come there...Sad :(
In New Jersey wishing I was there! I will be looking for your updates on the expo. Great information! Hope your talk is shown here, would love to see it. Keep up the good work, John!
Kristin Bennett
I totally want to go to this next year...looks amazing...
Thanks for the tour John!

-Greetings from N.C., U.S.A.
BB Catcher RN
be there tomorrow!
yes---do it for the squash(tour) and the tomatoes too!
Lee Ann Steinmetz
I wish I could have made it up there. I live so close! I found out about it in the Baker Creek Seed Catalog.
that tree reminds me of Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas lol
it's very well made, also looks very well constructed
but it really freaks me out lol
Thanks for sharing! It was so much fun to be able to see that.
Great tour! I sure wish I could go! Love that watermelon trip. I wish you would do it for the squash too! Thanks John!
Sj Smith
Wish I could be there. Thanks for sharing the event. Maybe next year!
Seedaholic Gardens
Jere and Dave from baker creek in the background !wooo!
Absolutely awesome John. Please make more videos like this
Droid Girl
Thanks for this information I just signed up at seed matters! I love your YouTube!💚🍉
Wish i could go! But i'm too far. But one day i will go there!

All The Best,
The Organic Boy
Good video ! I love heirlooms .
Nice look at the show. Thanks
love the wooden wine cases idea thanks a bunch
Valtoshi Thoasis
Great Video,will definitely go there!!! Thanks for the inside look !
Gayle Scrappygirl1
Wish I lived closer. Love wtching your vids though.
Diane Mumm Garden Videos
how fun .. looks like a good time, good luck on your speaking sure you don't need it though..:) will check out seed savers website .. very cool lots of great info..this will be a successful event sharing some awesome info.. thanks for sharing John, really enjoyed it..
Wow I will have a feast =)
John, is there a web site or magazine where one can find these types of events in advance? I was too sad I missed the New York event -Woodstock.
I think you missed your calling... You should have been a symphony conductor. ;-)
I love fishing
another great video
Have you posted a video on Heirloom Banana Melons?
Teresa Fawkes
John you are AWESOME!
New Azomite!!! Hey John. Have you heard about the new micronized Azomite that will be coming out probably next spring? I spoke to a guy on the east coast who informed me about it. He says that it goes through an even finer screen mesh to make the micronized version even smaller, almost water soluble. He says the might call it nano Azomite.
Wow! I had no idea there were so many varieties... Do you know why they only offer such a small variety at the grocery store??
Hey John,

Whats the seed company from Italy called? I couldn't hear when you said it.
you did not show us your booth we all would have liked to see it.
thanks for sharing! what is the name of the company tht sells the european seeds? thanks!!
would love to find one here or around here in albany or...
do you know of any main 'source' of where i can find out if have one localy.
county extension dkdnt 'think' we had one...
Great Video, but a bit too far for me, I'm on the East coast. Do you have an URL for the seeds you showed us? The ones from other countries? I'm also going to check out the seedmatters site too. Thank you!
I noticed that under my husky cherry red tomatoe plant has mushrooms growing under the plant. This was my very first plant I ever grew I use 1 bag mirical grow potting/ garden soil with 2 bags mirical compost with 1 bag worm compost in a 4x4 4ft deep box. Should I dig out all mushrooms I'm afraid that it might affect the tomatoe plant . Thanks for the help
What is the better composter for a apartment/ flat a wormcaster or a BOKASHI EM ?
michael stanger
I wish I could make it.
Leave them be, the soil may be too wet, however mushrooms can be a beneficial and a sign of a healthy soil. Sometimes they grow on uncomposted wood, symbiotically with other roots, or in rich soils.
Wish I could go...
How did you draw such a conclusion?

My understanding of Monsanto is just that they want to stamp out competition while self preserving their position, which is essentially the goal of everyone and every entity in a Capitalistic system and they do it quite well.
I want to try all the watermelons. Do they all taste the same?
wish i was on the west coast.
Merah Delima
How long we can keep the seeds? Thanks
Allen Hannah
cool shirt John
Jose R.
hey john try growing north calorina cross watermelon
Paul Pellicci
Italian seeds from GrowItalian com
Myk Gérard
they should include photos of what the inside of the fruit looks like with the fruit display
A Floyd
where to buy cannonball watermelon Heirloom ice cream
Robert Brennan
Cool thanks
and then the Pumpkins(tour)---
santa rosa is soooooooo far :(
bring it more toward the middle half of california plz :'(
this dude seems pretty cool
Wae Monsanto there checking for things they have not patented?
Omg watermelon heaven
Kris Kross was a group lol AKA one hit wonders.....
Paul Pellicci
....getting emotional about seeds?
Gallagher would have a ball.
golden midget lol
Gardening & More
Tx does have huge watermelons
Praxx Suxx
Because Monsanto is run by fascists, not unlike Ray / Praxxus. They want as much control over everything, and want to stamp out individualism and liberalism.

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