IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Course Part 1 of 5: IKEA Kitchen Planning & Preparation

Welcome to our IKEA kitchen cabinet course. In this series we are doing a full ikea kitchen build from start to finish. In this video I talk about the IKEA kitchen planner, cabinet and panel sizes, appliance dimensions, and a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when planning your new IKEA kitchen.

My Tools:

Here are some shortcuts to relevant portions of this video:

0:00:42 - How to Use the IKEA 3d Kitchen Planner Tool

0:01:50 - Critcal Dimensions You Should Be Aware Of

0:03:26 - Finding Center of Windows for Sinks

0:04:30 - Corner Cabinet layouts

0:06:03 - Cabinet Sizes

0:07:40 - Finished Panel Sizes

0:12:33 - Standard Sizes of Appliances, Countertop Heights etc

0:13:46 - Location of Stove/Range and Manipulating Final Location in Relation to Cabinets

0:15:00 - Measuring and Marking the Layout.

0:16:30 - Ensuring Doors and Drawers Have Proper Clearance

0:18:13 - Ensuring Doors and Drawers Have Proper Clearance in More Detail
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I.M. Peterrific
I did my own IKEA kitchen at the start of this year. We paid for the consultation, and I would highly recommend it. (Australian IKEA)
Great work Kode! Awesome looking kitchen!
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Just bought a house and the cabinet is totally trash😢 need to replace it. Sounds like ikea cabinet is a place to go
I'm grateful for your will to share all your knowledge and tricks. God bless you!
Fear facts
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with everybody. I do IKEA kitchen cabinet assembly but now I am planning of doing the installation. Its an excellent video with detail demonstration.
georgia zoschke
Hi Kody, really wanted to thank you for the excellent video series. I am not a beginner, but have built a few Ikea kitchens. I wish I saw this series a few years back! My latest project in a very small house has turned out to be quite a gorgeous kitchen, and all completed by me. The cabinets are right off the shelf, but on those custom bases, they will last forever. After seeing the granite guys install the counter tops, they would have actually been destroyed by now having been mounted on those plastic legs. Your tips on centering sinks, leveling cabinets, installing uppers, measuring exactly etc, have been a great solution to my kitchen. I learned a lot from you and hope that you continue to post awesome how-to videos in the future. Actually hoping you get around to doing a bathroom series soon. Cheers and thanks again for your help. You have no idea how much this has helped me. Wish I could thank you in person.
Matthew Luck
Kitchen sinks actually look beautiful when they’re off center beneath a window. The other space under the window allows for sink related items, such as drip racks and brushes, to have a defined space. It also looks great staged with flowers and bottles
Bee Snort
IKEA should give you royalties!😁 this has me so excited to move! All the homes I’ve seen need new kitchens badly now I don’t feel so overwhelmed. Definitely subscribed!❤️
Ed P
Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us about cabinets and installations. I really appreciate it and your video has been very very helpful!
Matt Lynch
I've watched the whole 5 part series, and found it to be an excellent "how to". Thank you for posting! anyone that would give any of the vids in this series a thumbsdown, clearly has no soul.
Matt Eldon
Can't wait for part 2!
The Beach House Basel
THANK YOU so much for your videos. they are simply wonderful. so clear, so much great info. really appreciate you sharing all your experience.
Sheila Wilson
Thank you for the video, it has been so helpful
Michael Elgland
Great videos! All parts. Too bad you don’t use the Metric system 😊. I live in Sweden.
Jeff Kyriac
Excellent. I love the detail in your work.
Wish there were pantries involved in this kitchen. IMO Pantries can be the most complex piece of the pie.
Omni Games
How close do you live to ikea? Does this matter? My closest ikea Is about an hour and s half away
Thanks for the video. However, I would disagree about not having a filler panel next to your range when you have a hood or microwave above it. The upper cabinet will have end panels adjacent to the hood/MW. To keep the install symettrical and spaced the same from the uppers to the lowers, I'd duplicate the end panels. Otherwise, you may sometimes have a full inch (.5 x 2) of difference at the end of a run of cabinets on the lowers from the uppers.
Carly Braun
I'm watching your Ikea videos and noticed your northern accent so I looked you up with fingers crossed that you were in Wisconsin so we could hire you. So close! Great videos!
Do you have a video showing how to install an Ikea centre island?
Randall Smith
This is such a wonderful public service to have this video. I am now feeling very comfortable with Ikea cabinets and installing them. Thank you Kody Horvey!
Gina Tollervey
We are having a problem with the worktops, the guy installing the worktops would like to use his jig to join the worktops but sadly we cannot find a 635 jig, could you please advise? Bye the way we are in the UK.
If you are doing a reno and your walls are not perfectly true vertically, or if there are any waves across the wall, TEAR OFF THE DRYWALL and sister or shim the studs to get everything perfectly aligned. The Ikea system is fantastic, and installs perfectly when the walls are true. Any deviation will cause you enormous angst as the kitchen goes together.
Jackie Kidd
Hey! Loved this video. It would be great if you could also do it in cm for us Ozzies.
Luke C
I selfishly wish the US was metric, I'm working hard to do these calculations in inches! So used to millimetres for cabinetry.
Randall Smith
Your job built cabinet bases are a terrific idea! I love your approach to the work!

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