How to start a coding YouTube channel (with tips from a bunch of successful creators!)

Learn how to start a software YouTube channel! In this tutorial, you will learn everything you need to know to start your own successful software YouTube channel including how to plan videos, how to make good thumbnails and titles, what the algorithm cares about, how to make money, and more.

You will also hear tips from these successful YouTube creators:
⌨️ The Tech Lead |
⌨️ Brad Traversy |
⌨️ CodingPhase |
⌨️ RealToughCandy |
⌨️ Jesse Weigel |
⌨️ Caleb Curry |
⌨️ Kevin Markham |

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⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (0:00:00) Introduction and why you should start a channel
⌨️ (0:01:32) Determine your goals
⌨️ (0:05:31) Determine your channel style
⌨️ (0:18:45) Channel set up
⌨️ (0:21:01) Video planning
⌨️ (0:22:04) Recording and editing
⌨️ (0:26:59) Creating thumbnails
⌨️ (0:29:28) Choosing a title
⌨️ (0:32:40) How to get views
⌨️ (0:35:38) What the algorithm DOESN'T care about*
⌨️ (0:41:28) What the algorithm does care about
⌨️ (0:44:46) Consistency and specific goals
⌨️ (0:46:41) Making money
⌨️ (1:02:00) Promoting
⌨️ (1:03:16) Miscellaneous tips


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220 комментариев
"The Techvengers."
The dude with the coffee is hilarious
That YouTube Play button is looking awesome! Great job fCC and Beau and thank you for having me on!
Live Python
If anyone is interested, I make intermediate-level Python tutorials and no-ads, affiliate links etc. with clear spoken English. A good one for intermediates is 'How to write a RESTful Python interface with no 3rd-party libraries in 3 minutes'. One for the beginners is '__init__(self)' explained succinctly. Hope everyone has a great day and I'm loving the content you guys are putting out!
I love the fact I'm in the style section... in other words... the sauce, the swag, the drip, the style!!! Anyone looking to really enjoy yourself and become a developer asap check the channel guys!!! And shout out to freecodecamp!!
Cam Perry
Some of these YouTubers getting the love they really deserve.
Techlead is super funny but its kinda awkward and sad right now.
Gavin Lon
I started my YouTube channel earlier this year. I've created and uploaded most of the tutorials that make up a C# for Beginners course. I worked in London for 20 years as a software developer and enjoy sharing what I have learned with other developers as well as non-developers who may be interested in learning a little bit about programming. Anyway if this is of interest to anyone please stop by my channel and I hope you enjoy the content. I've just subscribed to this excellent channel. Thanks for the great content.
Coding Garden with CJ
Great video! Tons of excellent advice! Thanks for showing my channel!! 💚
Tor Ivan Boine
26:40 Davinci resolve is also a free video editor
Data School
Thanks so much for including me in the video! 🙌 If anyone has questions about Patreon OR about Data Science with Python, I'd be more than happy to answer them 😄
salman ulkhair
As usual, TechLead is hilarious
Félix Sanz
hahahaha. i don't think The Tech Lead benefits from a Youtube channel. He just got fired from Facebook for that xD
4:15 a true chad
Eduard Karesli
26:00 I'm using KDEnlive on Linux... yep, on Linux. XD
TechLead made me laugh HAHAHAHAHA! Thank you for creating this video. I'm more hype to create more videos about Dart programming and Flutter mobile applications.
Abhishek Sharma
till 5:07 second I got enough reasons to start a youtube channel 😂
Nouman Malik
TechLead you legend! I hope you take the revenge soon..
Andre Madarang
This is BEST resource for creating and growing a software-related YouTube channel. Loved the tips from other creators as well. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to get revenge on my ex-wife by making coding videos.
Divyesh Parmar
DAMN! where is Academind, Net Ninja, The Coding Train, SentDex these are the guys because of whom I started my career literally their part helped. And yes they do create the tutorials in form of series which is like most viewed I guess in terms of series iteslf. Also Bucky was like pioneer of such tutorials.
Though I do understand that this is not a tribute video to all the contributors I just got emotional.
Karl Hadwen
I'm glad the upload frequency myth has been debunked; since I started to focus on longer-form videos I've been able to produce much higher quality content. I definitely wouldn't be able to upload an 8-hour video every other day 😂
4:50 Emotionally weak
Data Disciple [malikode]
Hahahaha, that Chinese dude had me rolling. It's so true. I love to teach out of Love. I'm going to start Capture the Flag channel.
Craig Wadding
Enjoyed this, so many of my favorite YouTube channels represented. RealToughCandy, Brad Traversy , Tech Lead, Coding Phase Joe, Mosh, great advice , thanks Beau and FCC, I'll have to incorporate these suggestions to my own channel!
Blessing Moyo
thank you, im a newbie and would love to learn and grow with others. Thanks for posting this, i will defintley start my channel today.
Поиск сути
You have convinced me!
Ruben Hansen
It's really awesome to see all you guys collaborate on this video. Thanks for all the tutorials, help, advises, life experiences, and all the other things you guys do and cover. I really appreciate it!
I really want to try making videos for YouTube one day soon. :D
Imran Sayed
Great content. 👏 Couldn't stop myself watching the entire video.❤ Thank you all for sharing your experiences and tips 👍
Azim Lit.
Do guys are heroes thanks for these great video!
I started my youtube channel today! Thank you for this amazing video and all the tips.
Sharif Sayfulloev
I am glad I watched this video! Thank you Beau for putting efforts and time and also for featuring other channels and creators.
Techlead your the man!!! laughed so true!! ;D You just inspired me to a whole new life.....wehoo!
Benjamin Vincent
You said that creating a channel lead to a job I think 🤔 of a lead that lost his Facebook job and BAM 💥 he is taking to me with his coffee ☕️ 🐈
Anurag Kumar
It was very informative and gave me a lot of motivation : )
Beau!! Literally, I was so into your video that I didn't know that I've watched 1 hour 6 minutes of video. I can't thank you enough for creating this amazing video and helping people like me who want to start a programming youtube channel. You're the best. Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰❤️
Dhruv Acharya
The best video i have ever seen ...

Really it's gonna be so helpful for me to make my own channel ..
Eranda Hasaranga
Thank you very much for this video <3
Elliot Waite
Inspirational. Makes me want to record more videos. Thanks for creating this.
ahsan khan
Caleb and Brad traversy❤️❤️
Natalka S.
This was an awesome and insightful video, thank you! I liked how this video promoted other channels while each of those channels contributed to this video. One thing I'm going to do differently now is sit through the full 30 second ads on videos I like or find helpful.
GC The Coder
Thank you for this..i really needed it.
Sasha Kolomiytsev
DaVinci Resolve is an amazing free option for video editing software!
Program With Erik
Awesome great video! I’ve definitely done some of these things before for my videos
Actually in the past I have had 7 youtube channels some of them removed hence the name.....
Let's Learn About
I'm just starting creating my YT channel (Python, Django, DRF, Scrapy, Vue, etc) and I find this video a great great resource for us. Well, as all freeCodeCamp does (I did a few modules from the Bootcamp).

Thanks for this video!
The Baylis Code
Very informative! I have just started uploading videos and this info is very helpful!
U Dev
That's awesome. You have summed up everything which I was looking for. Thanks very much!
Anton Vlasenko
This is a fantastic video. Thank you!
chris plusplus
Now i know why Techlead was fired by fb, they become frightened with youtube as their competitor. Now that youtube is slowly rolling out social components.
Oh wow, what a coincidence. I thought of documenting my journey of completing freeCodeCamp's JS data structures and algorithm certification on my channel and so I released the first video an hour back, and I see this on my feed right now 💕

This video was very informative and helped me discover other channels that I would like to subscribe to.

Looking forward for the software space to thrive on YouTube 😄
Best of luck to all of us 💯✨
Wael Yasmina
I started my channel 2 months ago and I'm already in love with the results, it's really worth it, I'm improving my English, my way of sharing information, my video editing skills and of course my coding skills as I have to do enough research and learn about the topic I'm going to talk about before creating the video. Yet there's still a lot to improve so yeah... thanks for the video !
Ruben Hansen
22:45 I think that one is really important, I've been sort of hesitant to watch on my phone when I'm out and have some time to learn. Large text and easy to read is really important :D
I'm considering getting a tablet though to have a bigger screen on the go. I'm thinking the best option is a surface pro, but no youtube downloads on windows :S (except other pages that can download for you..)
Mohit Varma
Hi @freecodecamp
When creating a video do you read the script paragraph by paragraph while shooting explaining the concept at the same time or the script is just for general guidance
The Code Creative
Great, essential advice here!
Awesome video thanks Beau! I really liked the categorization of coding channels.

Also enjoyed the advice on sponsorship.
Владимир Владимирович
Damn, this channel is a true treasure, still can’t believe we get all this knowledge for free
Dat staring at the end...
Ujjawal X
The second guy. Why to open youtube channel.
For love.
I hope he gets his revenge 😁.
Didou - d22ier
Wouah... Heroes you are! ❤️ THANK YOU for what you do!
Benjamin Vincent
This guy (tech lead) is so funny 🤣 my god
JAVAAID - Coding Interview Preparation
Rodrigo Badin
This channel is awesome!
Aaron Oquendo
Very informative video Beau. I have to start making videos I know I can help people. Time to get to work!
I have started this channel "TechBarik"! Could anybody give me any advice, what should I do to get more view?
TechLead nailed it!!
umair khan
Tech lead, here ? Wow I’m amazed
Patrick Dinh
Thank you all the information!
Dhruv Acharya
Camfunny Af
The tech lead is NUTS I love it!
Jesse Weigel
Great job Beau! Thanks for the opportunity to be on the video.
Felix The Dev
Great video course. Thanks for sharing!
love this ❤️ channel
Quick question (newbie question) - What a difference between Avg. percentage vid viewed vs Avg viewed duration ? Skip and forwarding make the percentage viewed and duration differ?
Dhruv Acharya
Programming with Peter
Lol i'm stunned, i just subscribed today, almost 2 months since i have my channel and boom you guys release this kind of video! GREAT.
EDIT: I'm a live coder i guess, but will do lives after i get more active people, i'm all alone, =)
You guys forgot about Davinci Resolve for editing.

EDIT2: Need to change the name of all videos :(
Luis Aveiga
😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😅 the TechLead!!!
lol techlead.. glad to see him here
Such a good channel! This channel will easily get 6 million subs.
Dhruv Acharya
thanks a lot for breaking down everything
Davy Rogers
TechLead cracks me up!
Thanks a lot for such a great video. These days I'm trying hard but couldn't effort myself. I have over 100+ videos on programming but getting least amount of views every days with almost no subscriber. Could you give me some tips, that may help me to grow. Thanks
Andrei Ramboiu
Congratulations keep up the good work !!! 👍👍👍
Сергей Туманов
Thanks for your job!!!
Web Programming UNPAS
Awesome video! thankyou for the advice.. 😊🙌
Keith Hunt
Wow!!! Awesome video! Thanks to everybody.
Rohan Gayen
Great video. Anyway is it good idea to add some bugs in your code to look more natural?
Aldo Caamal
I also have a small dev channel, I upload once a week (tuesdays), but I try to build series and code reviews of "full" apps, I try to show the process behind the code I use and why I use it that way, I am slowly getting used to create tutorials, some for beginners and some for intermediate viewers, my content is mostly Javascript (Angular, React, Node), but I also have Python (Flask) content and planning also to use Php again (Laravel and plain Php), so take a look if you are interested, would appreciate the feedback!
Fayaz basha
sir pls make tutorial on ember js
Twisted Tea TV
I'm a new you-tuber let's grow together !
Coding with Sayed
That's great.
Allisha Green
Thank you so much for a great video
What programming language do I have to learn to make a youtube channel? Is it the same language to make a video?
Tadej Danev
1.2 mio !!!!!
MoneshTV Tamil
I see TechLead, I press Like.
ben yahia hassen
You tremendously gave us inspirations, big thanks to you
Dhaval Shah
Happy Belated Teacher Day from India
Tamil Mani
Thanks a lot
Taner Tasim
Tech Lead you are the man !!

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