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A real, candid look into how Bianca Gonzalez-Intal started her passion project: her YouTube channel & 'Paano Ba To' video series. She shares her bloopers, her struggles, her wins, how she learned how to edit videos, the camera and tech tools she uses, and how she went from a jumble of ideas - to a solid concept that felt true to her purpose.

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Nakakaloka rin yung first video ko SOBRANG CRINGE napakaarte ko hahahahaha but i am so glad i started my passion project / channel when i did 😁😁 40+ videos later, i still find a few things i cringe about, but there's a lot more that i am actually proud of 😁😁
Jeca Martinez Art
Love this interview! Its so fun and casual and full of useful advice! And I love how despite her fame and the *guarantee* that she will have views on her videos no matter what content she put out, she intentionally created something different that would help others!
Lorra Elena
Loved this video Arriane! Bianca is really one of my fave local personalities. So much depth. Thanks for doing this interview with her. 😊
Leni dela Cruz
I love this video so much! I just realized while watching this that my blog which I post on weekly IS my passion project! Now I'm so inspired by this video and all of Bianca's advice to try out different things to get to that good daily flow to make time for all the things important to me, and not just wait until Sunday night to write up something quick to post.
Mary Claidel Lacar
While watching this video i came up with the realization that i have already started my passion project for this year, that is to open an online shop selling craft and art supplies. I was super frustrated because i thought that i was not doing anything for my passion project 😂 my next goal is to start vlogging. I started doing videos but only showed it to my friends and family. I have to gain the confidence i needed to finally upload it here on youtube. Thank you for inspiring me 💖
The Pursuer of Dreams
Super love this!!! You and Bianca are my role models!
such sound advice 💙
Chloe Marie Adelante
Love it! I actually joined the #Braver2018Challenge after watching your interview with Ms. Bianca. Love you both ❤️
The Weekend Cat
I really needed this today. I learned a lot from this! Subbed to your channel as well. I hope I can pursue my passion project as well.
My Happy Little Things
looooooveee thiiiiissss 💜💜💜
Thank you for this Ms. Arriane!!
Hehe.. I started my simple joys project aka passion project, on my blog last, last year for me to be able to practice being grateful for everyday.. but same reason kung bakit hindi natutuloy-tuloy kasi i'm not making time for it or sometimes di rin maiwasan yung mag-worry na ano iisipin ng iba ganyan. But thankfully, napapagpatuloy ko na ulit sya this month 🤗 I'm so shy to publish my blog and let people know that I am blogging but i did a baby step na by posting the link on my IG account. *small steps evryday :)

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