Official Ikea Kitchen Installation Video Part 1

This video was prepared by IKEA to demonstrate the installation of a basic IKEA kitchen. It shows the installation of the base cabinets, wall cabinets, accessories, etc. They also have cool tips. This video is a simple, yet detailed, visual interpretation of their instruction posters. You can really benefir from the video, if you don't mean the outdated Euro hair styles :)
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Bob Shin
Naisu video! It helped my install my closet from Home Depot. :D
Rawad El-Debs
Sounds good doesn't it :D
@emmarosemc yeah you can, I generally wouldn't simply for the damage that may occur whilst dragging cabinets and oven around. It is much easier to do the floor first that being said.
Sue Madge
This rail is different from the ones we get in Australia. Video therefore NO help!
Dina Dias
Meu interesse é saber de alguma loja em algum estado do Brasil
Danielle White
Is this made in the 1970s or what?
Jeffery Tomes
if you got pipes behind no play for cutting out you got to batten out fixing rail and build out splash backs for tiling ply or plaster other wise no over hang for work top load of work i would sooner have 45mm less storage
My dilemma is that we have the new hanging rail system and I am about ready to smash it with a hammer!! The hanging system in this video seems SO MUCH EASIER! The one I have, apparently started in February, does not give accurate directions. The hardware is too short for the hole they want you to secure it through. Is anyone familiar with the new system?
wait you can install the floor before putting in the kitchen? i was told not to put the laminate floor down until after the kitchen is in
Steamer John
The written instructions included with my wall cabinets show drilling and installing the cabinet connectors in the "third" hole from the top and bottom which I did. Now I can't mount the door hinge hardware. This video shows drilling the "fourth" hole from top & bottom which will work but it's too late for me. I'd of been better off with out the instructions. IKEA needs to fix their written instructions.
Karl - You can use the same suspension rail and fasteners that come with the upper cabinets on the base cabinets.  That way the rail is securely fastened into the wall studs.  You need to go to IKEA and get the steel squares and M6 bolts since they aren't included in base cabinet hardware.  I've always thought this was a bit silly, since as you said - the base cab mounting holes will almost never line up with the wall stud spacing except at the corners.  It is amusing that the walls in this video are made of particle board vs. drywall, if this was a real room they would have the same problem.
Karl Bogacz
The holes for screws in the bottom cabinets need to be aligned perfectly with the studs otherwise the screws will end up in the drywall which does not hold any load. In reality the studs never line up with these holes, the system has a flaw and I am bringing it up.
What instructions in each packet??? What a joke! I purchased a full kitchen 3 years ago. There was NO poster given to me just my Bill with all the parts listed. Didn't even tell me what parts go with what??? IT'S STILL PACKED UP IN MY GARAGE. I HAVE AN INTENSE HATE FOR IKEA. THEY WERE NOT HELPFUL WHEN I CALLED. The whole thing was a disaster. Also, interesting's such junk that the parts of it that are fiberboard are crumbling just by sitting in the garage. THE WORST PURCHASE.
Paul Sutherland
Make sure you install the cabinet that holds the sink first; so your wife can get started on the dishes.

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