IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Course Part 3 of 5: Installing IKEA Rails & Custom Filler Panels

In this video I talk about how to install the IKEA rail system as well as how to create custom filler panels to fill in any gaps near walls and corners.

0:03:28 - Marking out Studs and Cabinet Edges

0:07:23 - Determining Rail Height

0:11:53 - Two Different Styles of Drywall Plugs

0:13:53 - Installing the Rails

0:16:14 - Corner Cabinets

0:17:34 - Installing Rails Continued

0:19:31 - Marking Plumbing Penetrations

0:31:00 - Electrical Penetrations From the Floor

0:33:29 - Fastening Cabinets to Each Other

0:37:10 - Fastening Peninsula to the Base

0:37:55 - Setting Cabinets and Fastening

0:38:40 - Clipping Rails Together

0:39:02 - How to Determine Gaps Between Peninsula and Corners

0:40:45 - Installing Upper Rails

0:41:28 - Determing Heights and Widths for Upper Cabinets

0:46:47 - Adjusting Rails for Plumb

0:48:58 - What To Do If Cabinets Have a Gap at the Front

0:49:40 - Installing Filler/Cover Panels

0:51:24 - Cutting Panels

0:59:44 - Brad Nailing Filler Connections

1:09:57 - 3 Options for Finishing End Cabinets and Peninsula

1:15:15 - Installing Filler Panels

1:16:25 - Installing Side Cover Panels
63 комментариев
KP cadnzfin
"Look at that! Not a bad lil mesure job." Classic beauty canadian right there.
Michael Merta
Love the exact explanation and execution of the work. great show
Julio Bonilla
Thank you for the video, you got the world best levels. Stabila.
Try pre-drilling before fixing and there will be no gaps or chips even without clamps..
michel booltink
For making the L pieces.
Use pocketholes with pictureholescrews
The screws will go in from the back.
And the joint is much stronger
Vicky Rowley
So glad I watched this *BEFORE* putting in my lower cabinets or my filler panels!!
Mike Girard
So glad I watched this before I started. Tons of great tips. So helpful.
Andrew Carr
The beauty of the IKEA (and other vendor's systems) is as they are all a standard size, makes them easy to customise. You can take virtually any IKEA product and modify it to fit your needs. I even made some barn style doors using the 8' end panels and a hanging rail.
The Rockies
These videos are exactly what I’ve been looking for. I just wasn’t sure how to install frameless cabinets, especially how to handle fillers.
the view from the windows ! thank you
Love to watch your videos👍Great job
Brian Smyth
Great videos. Very thorough even on the minutia, which is nice for those of us who aim for perfection. I’m curious about when you mount your rails, the height you choose- does it float your cabinets ever so slightly above your custom bases? Or are they supposed to be essentially sitting right on them. I notice they seem to slide easily.
Eric Ngo
very good IKEA installer . do more video pls .
Robert Ketter
Kody @22:00 What we normally do to layout the plumbing is temporarily set one of the base cabinets either to the right or left of the sinkbase to the inside mark of the sink base, then we measure from the temp cabinet to the plumbing for side to side measurements. Measure from the custom base to the top/bottom of plumbing and transfer all these measurements to the sink base for cutting. I always build a custom base for the cabinets... but I have always used the IKEA plastic base glued onto the custom base... but I do like cutting the filler idea you present.
Great instructional video. I was wondering what screws were you using to screw the cabinets to each other?
Great work, you could have glued and clamped those 3/8s panels to the original back since they were both wood, stronger and easier.
Premier Construction Spreadsheets
When screwing the cabinets together, have you ever considered drilling through the shelf holes and then using 1-1/2" Chicago screws to hold them together? Is that a bad idea?
Phil Ward
Track Saw for cutting those tapered filler panels. If you used solid wood for the fillers you wouldn't have to worry about cut edges like on that particle board.
Wh1teKn1ghT 0716
Do you have any suggestions for mounting the wall cabinets without using the railings? Thanks a lot.
Matt Lynch
another great video. and, at 46.02 "bob's your uncle... she's up!" more of this please. haha
adam charrkas
What height do I mount the hang rail for a 90” pantry?
Mike Woz
this guy really drags things out
Troy Dashney
Great video....super helpful today!
You do not need to move the rail. You adjust the hook brackets
Henrik Engdahl
1. Im a bit late but why did you opt to make your own base instead of the ikea legs?
2. Watching this makes me happy to use metric instead of imperial..
Robert Ketter
@52:20... A Festool Track Saw is your best friend when you are cutting tapered rips... Of course there are many brands of track saws... but mine happens to be a Festool.
Robert Ketter
@108:58 a stack of shims would prevent over tightening and provide a solid connection.
christopher heinz
Dana White with hair ?
Daniel CJ Todd
"Bobs your uncle", "Buggered this up". Have you got an Australian connection mate?
Barbara Crabtree
Your video on the Ikea cabinets are very helpful for us. We are going to be installing Ikea cabinets next month. What type of screws are you using to attach the cabinets together??
Jay Patterson
*It had a really thick power cord and while this might seem silly to some people, for those of us who live in areas where we battle mice on regular basis this is important.>>>**ur2.pl/1202** If you have never lost an appliance of any kind due to a hungry mouse chewing through the cord you are indeed a blessed person. This microwave oven works great and looks good, doesn't take up much space either - exactly what I needed.*
Great tips. Thanks
Hi Cody, we will install our kitchen next week. One problem so far, the wall for the high cabinets is on one side 0.78” higher than on the other side. Any ideas how we can solve the problem? Thanks
Ashley Garner
Nice one
Mid America Mom
Love the videos! I came here to see about dealing with fillers for our white gloss kitchen. I see you brad nailed the face of those dark brown fillers which will not work for white -- how do you deal with those? Thanks!
Tyler Clarke
brad nailing the face of that filler piece made me cringe. screw in a piece from the back then screw into that from inside the cabinet. i use the 5/8ths pannels for fillers with another 5/8 think as a backer with 1 1/8th screws. more than enough to grab into from inside the cabinet, countersink and fast-cap. no visible fasteners, otherwise great video :) just please don't face nail fillers.
also suprised you used white frames with the darker finish. ikea has a brown frame and it is actually usually more available. i like the plywood in the back, i do that myself.
OMG 30 minutes in and you've done 2 things, sure hope your client is not paying you by the hour, please make your videos shorter and exclude all the extraneous conversation. This video should be about 30 minutes total..
Cocisiu Marius
Very low quality furniture! It's LEGO not furniture!

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