IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Installation

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Ronnie Shand
Nice tutorial, what brand and model is that aluminum step stool?
Nice video. Did you install the countertop too? Is that from ikea as well?
Jeci Kuisma
Hi , Leo. This is Ikea Metod with different door name call BODBYN right, It is all Metod right? Thanks in advance
Hi, great video. Can I ask what the name of the cabinet doors are? I’m looking to match with my old cabinets
good job! how long did it take you ALL UP?
สมชาย แซ่โหง่ว
Could you share what kind of tools you were using when doing the installation
great video
Saly dooble
Satisfaction 👏👏
Madz Ph
magkano po inabot ng isang set natoh sir? sana po mabasa nio po salamat po ng marami
Laura Pecchioli
can you tell what toe kick you used?
Je dois monter une pauvre étagère demain et cette vidéo m'a littéralement épuisé ! Bravo, faut un mental de dingue 😜
Chitrang Shukla
Very nice informative video my friend . This actually inspires to do this on my own . However I have never used the tools .

1. Is buying the tools better or just renting them out ? What's the cost difference approx ?

2. If possible can you please suggest what tools in total I am going to need ?
I have nothing except a ladder and a saw for a wall that i am taking down .
Your_Only_limit Is_You
How much did it cost?
We would like to remodel our old kitchen but we are on a tight budget.
Not sure about IKEA'S prices.
Luc St-Amour
I love the end result, very nice looking kitchen. The music in the video was to much repetitive.
Great job!
Rufino Camacho patraca
Donde se pueden conseguir ese tipo de cocinetas...
Claude Masse
Meilleur montage et de loin de la cuisine IKA parfait
Shirley Li
how long it took u
Nice job, but vid is to fast to be useful for instruction.
KP cadnzfin
Nice. I see you used four feet on the kabinet beside the fridge. Did it come with the back rail? Could you have used that too?
Jennifer Maynard
Where is the sink? I see you have water supply lines and a drain but no sink. Maybe that came later.
Lady Raye
What was the TOTAL cost for the cabinets???

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